How to COMPLETELY Uninstall v9.x?

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I use Windows XP and have used the Control Panel to uninstall my version 9.x of eSword in order to go back to 7.x. When I install 7.x I get a myriad of errors on startup that saying that the program cannot find this or that file or module it's looking for.

I have delete all the filenames in the esword subdir that end with "x" (as per this forum). Still I get errors.

My guess is that there is some sort of registry entry that needs to be deleted. Can anyone help me? I want to go back to the simple, clean v.7.



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Re: How to COMPLETELY Uninstall v9.x?

Hi Greg,

if you used Control Panel to "uninstall," and still are having issues, the next best choice may be to use a previous "restore point."

Give my blog a read - HERE - about conversion to 9x. It may give you an idea or two you can try.

more eSword modules

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Re: How to COMPLETELY Uninstall v9.x?

Next time try "Revounstaller" Free download form ( a very good Freeware/shareware site) Revo will use the e-sword removal tool to remove the program then it will search for leftover Registry entries and give you the option to remove them, then it looks for left over Folders and give you the opportunity to remove them. I use it all the time for program removal instead of the Win removal tool.

God bless

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Re: How to COMPLETELY Uninstall v9.x?

There are several programs that can help cleanup the remains of programs which have been uninstalled. The two I have used successfully are freeware programs, widely available: CCleaner.exe, and EasyClea.exe. Another helpful free program available from Microsoft is RegClean.exe. Any or all of these may be helpful in removing the remnants of ver. 9x

Bill McWeen